Does Conversation on Google+ Help Search Engine Rankings?

If Google+ is a ghost town it could turn out to be the most profitable ghost town in the history of Capitalism.  Many businesses and individuals have already seen a jump in search engine rankings due to their engagement and conversation on Google+.  After getting active on Google+ in early March of 2012 I am seeing an enormous jump in traffic from both search and Google+ referrals.  Why is this the case?

I honestly believe that Google is using Google+ to better understand YOU.  Rather than just guessing what you like and your expertise they can create an algorithm based on your Google+ posts.  If you post about the automobile industry every day Google is going to figure out that you are “somewhat knowledgeable” in this field.  You may or may not be the expert but you obviously have an interest.  One of the “experts” in my circles in the automobile industry is Joel Arellano.  Although there isn’t huge engagement and/or conversation about cars and automobiles he is someone that starts the conversation.  Starting the conversation may be the next step in true SEO.

This brings me to the title of this article: Does Conversation on Google+ Help Search Engine Rankings?  In a word – YES!  Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to start any type of meaningful conversation on Google+.  It is important to recognize that Google+ is not Facebook.  Most people on Google+ are not going to post comments like “lolz” or “sweeeet.”  In fact, if a Google plusser consistently posts one word comments I block them.  There is a time and a place for one word comments but not every. single. time.

So Jesse, how do you know Google+ conversation helps search engine rankings?  Well, I am not going to spill all the beans but the traffic to this website has jumped 4,445% in the last month alone!  Is all of this because of Google+?  No.  Is most of it because of Google+?  Yes.  Having a Google+ profile that is active and engages with other active profiles is unmatched in SEO right now.  I have done absolutely NO link building for this site and it continues to beat out all of the other sites that I have built links for (similar keyword sets as well).

Well Jesse, how do I engage in conversation on Google+?  This is a very tough task for many.  Google+ is a community of very smart and witty individuals.  You cannot simply make a post that says “what’s going on tonight?” and hope to get any response.  You must be clever and invoke some type of brain activity to get a response.  Sorry Facebook users, stay on the dark side and keep talking about the party coming up.  I digress.  One must think of ways to engage their circles and their audience.  I have a few IRL (in real life) and Google+ friends that are interested in the growth of Google+.  Is Google+ my niche?  No.  Can I incorporate Google+ into my niche from side angles?  Absolutely.  It takes a little creativity and effort but conversation can be started on Google+.

Here are a few interesting conversations I started on Google+ in the last two months:

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If you are really struggling here are some names that will likely respond to some of your insightful posts.

Brian Gunderson
Eli Fennell
Ronnie Bincer
Issac Lewis
Jonathan Squire
Aaron Black

If you are just getting started on Google+ and you need some tips or help there are some very powerful Google+ users that have posted some great stuff in the last few months.  I would suggest following and commenting on posts by:

Gideon Rosenblatt
Mark Traphagen
AJ Kohn
Bill Slawski
Jeff Jockisch

All of these guys have posts in their profiles that will help you better understand how to use Google+.  Feel free to comment on any of my posts and I will likely respond.  I try to respond to, at least, 80% of my comments.  Part of this is because I know that conversation on Google+ helps with search engine rankings so get started today.  You can follow me on Google+ or ready my Google+ posts on this blog at this link.

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  1. Thanks Jesse for the mention here – and congratulations on your traffic jump – that’s an insane increase!

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